Digital tools that have become essential to accelerate your sales

Why AI?

Your business is surrounded by an abundance of data that constantly accumulates on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. These data are the portrait of your company. It includes, among other things, the number of customers at all times in your sales area, the number of transactions processed each hour, the products in greatest demand, the number of current employees, your inventory, the orders received, your investments and returns. Your geographic location and seasonal events are also part of it.

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All these data speak for themselves. However, it is necessary to know the language and the methods to be able to extract the information and decode prescriptive and predictive messages. These constantly guide the actions to be taken to obtain better returns, anticipate and accelerate sales ‒ inevitably increasing the turnover.

Those tasks would be extremely heavy and arduous if they were entrusted to human physical and intellectual capacities alone. This is why AI, using digital technologies on powerful processors, is today an essential tool for quickly and efficiently analyzing your data. AI provides you with valuable information in real-time that enables the necessary adjustments for optimal business performance. In short, it is a forecasting engine that leverages your sales.

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What is AI?

They are specialized digital tools, platforms, and software that use the sciences of mathematics, statistics, and computers to collect and analyze your data. This, in a highly automated system thanks to powerful analytical and predictive algorithms. These ones continuously provide information on actions to be carried out according to their probability of success to increase trading performance.

Robot hands surrounding a brain in the middle with the letters AI in the center and six satellite images around.

The programs operate 24/7 to consistently deliver effective leads and fresh ideas for the most profitable operation of your business.

What AI can do for your business:

  • A reliable forecast and prescription engine, updated in real-time to estimate sales, customer habits, and purchases, forecast your stocks and business trends.
  • Suggestions for sales products to try for specific customers.
  • The offer of exclusive promotions tailored to the customer’s profile, based on previous purchases and browsing history.
  • A personal loyalty program, based on data on consumption habits.
  • A decision support tool to adjust the volume of staff required.
  • Case studies and research to explain the evolution of consumer behaviour, thus targeting opportunities and strategies to exploit. This, allowing the business to be more competitive.
  • A reduction in routine tasks in the decision-making process.
  • A safe drive to meet performance targets.
  • A digital shift to boost the turnover.
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The Grabb Ai solution

Quotient | Grabb Ai is a tech company specializing in business intelligence and artificial intelligence. Growing since 2008, it offers SMEs wishing for a digital transformation an affordable artificial intelligence solution to improve sales performance and profitability. The Grabb product is recognized in predictive analytics and prescriptive marketing.

Interested in learning more about how Grabb Ai can help you power your data analytics, customer experience, and business growth? Leverage our expertise. Contact us as soon as you can, we will be happy to help with your digital transformation.

Government programs from Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation are currently offering significant contributions to eligible businesses on projects implementing solutions that integrate artificial intelligence. Do not hesitate to take advantage of them, so that you too could undertake the digital shift.

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