Quotient|Grabb Inc., the provider of the easiest solution to boost your sales with B2B clients is pleased to announce the confirmation of Minh Ho as CEO.

Minh has planned and will now oversee the global expansion of the business. His key responsibilities are to ensure the proper culture, people, and processes are in place.

Minh, co-founder of Quotient|Grabb Inc., has been its CTO for the last 12 years. He has also served as acting CEO since April of this year. During his tenure, he has built an R&D team that has delivered a continuous stream of technological ‘tour-de-force’ that provides high value for the firm’s customers. As acting CEO, he has made adjustments to key sales processes that have resulted in greatly improved sales performance. Minh will also continue in his role as CTO.

Minh Ho earnt a bachelor in computer engineering from Concordia university and a graduate diploma in management from McGill University, where he was top of his class.

“Join me to congratulate Minh! Under his leadership, we look forward to further accelerating the fast adoption of our Grabb product by leading SMBs. In the 12 years since I’ve known him, he has consistently been a leader in helping create customer satisfaction, product performance, and team cohesion.”

Pierre Piché

Chairman of the Board and COO

About Quotient|Grabb

Since 2008, Quotient|Grabb has been helping SBMs boost their sales. Our main platform, Grabb, is the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. You may access AI insights on the Grabb platform or use our API to get advanced client AI information directly into your existing platform or process.

Contact information

Pierre Piché, Chairman of the board, COO

(514) 277-4141


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