QuickBooks is a top-rated accounting software among small businesses in the USA. There are now over 500 apps in the QuickBooks® App Stores (online, desktop) so you can focus more on running your business and less on time-consuming tasks that do not bring value.

It took QuickBooks 15 years to build its first million customers QuickBooks base and they are now serving 4.5 million global QuickBooks customers with a net addition of 1.1 million new customers in FY ’19.

With over 800M global small businesses and self-employed customers, and 56M prospects visiting QuickBooks every year, Intuit is focused on ensuring the right user experience and bringing them into the right tools to succeed as a business.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) for business?

AI, not to be confused with Quickbooks Advanced Inventory, is a term that encompasses many digital technologies that all have one thing in common: they are based on the automated analysis of such a large volume of data that it would be almost impossible to study them manually.

At the beginning of the client lifecycle, AI for business could help in lead generation and lead nurturing. It understands your current clientele and searches in the universe of prospects for leads that will likely become your customers. From early interactions you have with leads, AI could do lead scoring to predict which leads will most likely convert, allowing you to put your limited time on the best leads.

Later in the client lifecycle, AI could help with client nurturing, supplemental and add-on sales, client monitoring, and maintenance. AI here typically monitors the purchasing behaviors of your clients and raises alerts if it detects important changes in behavior. It will automatically know what other products or services each of your existing clients are likely to be interested in.

There are also AI services for other areas such as inventory management, HR management, and manufacturing.

With artificial intelligence for business trending, here are the top 4 AI-powered apps available for businesses that have Quickbooks, when you search on the Quickbooks Apps marketplace.

Top 4 AI-Powered Apps on Quickbooks

1. Grabb AI

Grabb AI is focused mainly on sales performance in the context of client nurturing and monitoring. It is designed to be the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. Its AI is designed to do the following:

1)  Alert about changes in customer purchasing behavior

2)  Give notification about potential opportunities

3)  Provide a classification of customers into segments relevant to your business such as industry classification, customer importance, loyalty level, lifetime value, etc.

4)  Give recommendations about what, supplemental or add-on products customers could be interested in and at what time? Its usage process to get results is simplified as follows:

Set targets,

See alerts,

Take action.

Easily set your targets:  It allows integration of granular forecasting and budgeting whether by salesperson, by clients, by territory, by categories of product or by client segments.

Easily see your alerts: Grabb AI will communicate with you, at the right time and in natural language, to highlight situations you should be aware of.

Easily take action: Grabb AI will give you, and your team, clear advice and recommendations on which actions to take.

Easily get results: Grabb Ai will bring you the results you are looking for, not reports!

Grabb AI results cycle

Grabb seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop (and will soon be available with Quickbooks Online) and then transforms your data into actionable business intelligence and AI recommendations for sales activities and management purposes.

For more info regarding Grabb AI for Quickbooks, see in the App Store here.

2. FinJinni

Revolutionary way to easily extract data into Excel.

FindJinni 1-2-3’s patent-pending technology will revolutionize the way you download your QuickBooks data. It is the absolute easiest way to filter and format your extractions. By using a template, you can recreate your reports with updated information with the push of a button. It works with QuickBooks Online and all versions and years of QuickBooks Desktop. It creates reports that QuickBooks can’t, but its AI is limited.

For more info regarding FinJinni for Quickbooks, see in the App Store here.

3. ScanWriter

Data Entry Automation.

ScanWriter® is an intelligent data entry system that allows users to digitize virtually any kind of paper financial document and upload the data into QuickBooks. ScanWriter directly processes electronic PDF and Excel files, converting data read for use in multiple business processes.

It offers unprecedented Data Entry Automation features converting bank and credit card statements, bills, receipts and more into QuickBooks® entries in seconds! AI in image recognition is used to digitize documents efficiently but is not aimed to boost your sales.

For more info regarding ScanWriter for Quickbooks, see in the App Store here.

4. Intuit Data Protect

Secure online backup

Data Protect secures online backup of your critical business data up to 100 GB.

It automatically backs up your QuickBooks and business documents to a safe online location daily, without interrupting your day. Intuit Data Protect is QuickBooks’ intelligent backup service.

For more info regarding Intuit Data Protect for Quickbooks, see in the App Store here.


As you can see, artificial intelligence is beginning to appear more and more on Quickbooks with some apps more advanced than others. Currently, if you want to leverage AI in sales on Quickbooks, your only option is Grabb AI. After you contact us, you can get your Grabb activated with your data and configured for your specific needs within 24 hours. Give it a try. You’ll just love your Grabb!

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