The good news, Grabb can now be activated and connected to the top 20 ERP platforms or accounting systems used in over 60% of North American companies.
Today, connectivity is an essential part of modern data architecture. Standardized and centralized connectivity simplifies and accelerates the process of extracting actionable insights from enterprise data.

Whether it’s the most used accounting systems on the planet such as Quickbooks or Sage Intacct, or well-known ERPs such as Netsuite, Acumatica, Dynamics 365, Epicor, or others, your Grabb can be connected and configured according to your needs in as little as a few hours

Grabb AI seamlessly connects to data systems and uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to deeply analyze each of your customers.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it provides real-time alerts and recommendations to help your sales team quickly decide what action to take to correct a deviation from targets.


It is the easiest and most affordable tool on the planet to boost sales with your B2B customers.

Grabb AI is like instantly receiving decades of experience for your sales team. It acts as your personal sales analyst expert, giving your employees timely and incredibly actionable alerts on all accounts (not just key accounts!) so you can sell more to your existing B2B customers.

“It is the most advanced deep recommender system that uses almost a dozen algorithms (BST (Behavior Sequence Transformer), session-based, item-based, sequence-based, time-to-next-event based, chain-based, etc.) to identify your customers who are ready to try your new products now.”

Mr. Piché

A.I. entrepreneur

Your reps will spend less time preparing reports and more time getting alerts and recommendations of actions to better care for their customers and accelerate sales.

Request a proof of concept with your own data, which can now be delivered in 24 hours thanks to our connectors. Try it, you won’t be able to do without it!

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