Evolution and Innovation

Quotient|Grabb was created to help SMBs overcome sales challenges.

Since its creation in 2008, Quotient|Grabb has never stopped evolving its technology and adapting to help its clients meet new challenges.

Quotient|Grabb was founded by Pierre Piché and Minh Ho, two visionaries with extensive experience in management and technology. Our mission has always been to leverage technology in order to allow our clients to easily use the most effective management patterns and techniques.

With the advent of machine learning and AI, the value we have been able to deliver to customers has grown exponentially.

“Managers and teams in SMBs have a lot on their plates.  We need to give them the easiest way possible to boost their B2B sales!”

Minh Ho, CEO, Cofounder

“The integration of artificial intelligence into business intelligence is a megatrend that will completely disturb the market. At Quotient|Grabb, we aspire to be a key player in this disturbance, to allow SMEs to leverage benefits of artificial intelligence thanks to our Grabb innovative, accessible, and affordable solutions.”

Pierre Piché, Chairman of the board, COO, Cofounder


Grabb is the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. You may access AI insights on the Grabb platform or use our API to get advanced client AI information directly into your existing platform or process.