Obtain strategic AI insights on your B2B clients.

Integrate the most advanced AI client information directly into any platform or process.

Let your users harness the power of AI without writing a single line of AI code.

Grow your B2B add-on sales.

The more complex your product mix and sales process, the better our AI will perform for you.

We understand that add-on sales can be complex. Some add-ons have specific prerequisites. Others apply only to specific industries. Grabb AI will automatically handle all this!

High reliability
and security.

Our systems operate with
99.9%+ uptime.

We use the latest middlewares from leading companies
to ensure data security.

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Sales have been boosted with 100 000+ B2B clients.


Grabb is the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. You may access AI insights on the Grabb platform or use our API to get advanced client AI information directly into your existing platform or process.