Some more established customers have specific and custom needs, especially in AI. We have resources available for custom projects as needed.

Here are some projects that we have completed or are working on:

Custom AI projects:

a) Predictions in car dealership service

Desc.: Prediction of the expected time a customer is likely to bring his/her car for maintenance and the type of job that he will likely need. Prediction of if a customer is likely to wish to change his/her car.
Performance achieved:
i) F1 score of around 82% for customers who would be interested in coming in for maintenance on a specified 3 weeks time frame.
ii) F1 score of around 90% for customers who would be interested in changing cars on a specified 16 weeks time frame.
b) LinkedIn recruitment, identification of candidates
Desc.: Prediction of the probability that a LinkedIn candidate would respond and converse with a recruiter for a particular recruitment campaign.
Performance achieved: The exact level of performance achieved is currently confidential. The performance is in the triple digits in term percentage of improvement.
c) LinkedIn recruitment, automated messaging
Desc.: Automated conversation, until appointment booking, for recruitment purpose that could achieve match elite human-level performance.
Performance achieved: Work currently in progress.
d) Information retrieval on businesses
Desc.: Retrieval of detailed and unique information on businesses based on sparse details.
Performance achieved: From old lists of 20K+ clients, for about 70% of those, very relevant information was found.

Other custom projects:

Grabb Operation

We help your managers improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations.


We work directly with your team and your systems and provide customized on-the-job training. Our goal is to ensure that your employees understand the methods and take ownership of the project results.

Time is a rare commodity

We know that you lack the time to integrate an enhancement project into your day-to-day activities. This is why we offer consulting services as part of the project. You benefit from a proven method and temporary resources to help you implement this enhancement project without slowing down your operations.

Results, not reports!

We don’t deliver recommendation reports. Instead, we work with your managers to install the new processes and management systems. Your managers will also be trained to understand how to maintain the improvements.


Grabb is the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. You may access AI insights on the Grabb platform or use our API to get advanced client AI information directly into your existing platform or process.