A 50% government subsidy on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project to accelerate your sales!

Grabb Ai
boosts your sale!

A mobile app solution that:

Automatically processes all your data
• Displays whom to prioritize, what to offer, and when
on a news feed
Reduce by 50% the time you spend on analysis and administration
• Increase your sales pleasure

Sales professionals typically spend more than 60% of their time doing administration duties and analysis. At Grabb Ai, we know that their energy would be better spent discussing, prospecting, and closing deals.

That’s why we’ve created a tool that DOUBLES the active sale time of your reps.

Smart solutions,
unsuspected results!

Address your company’s most complex challenges with solutions powered by artificial intelligence.



We help reps double their active sale time and accelerate their sales. 

Why a news feed?

To know in real time what action needs to be taken

To get the best recommendations for products powered by artificial intelligence

To be warned of the loss of a customer or a product 3 or 4 months in advance 

To know my consumer’s importance and lifetime value

Decision support

AI-powered recommandation system

Prediction system


Real-time alert system

Categorization of customer buying behavior


A solution available on both mobile and desktop devices

Integrates easily with all your work tools (ERP/CRM)



A single sales management tool
to simplify the work of managers. 

Configuration by objectives: sales objectives, business objectives, portfolio shares, customer potential, and industry seasonality.

Alerts and irregularities detection settings.

Executive View

Overall results, detailed results, and governance (KPIs)

Predictive View

Sales performance: by customers, product, period, category, representative, and combinations of these elements.

Prescriptive View

Ai card and customer file; “Recommend Ai” by customers, product, and representative; loss of customers or product to competition; Ai customer categories (15 purchasing behaviours); and a customer lifetime monetary value.

Analytical View

24/12 comparison: by customers and product, by product, and by customers. Charts.
12/12 history: Last 2 months, and last 12 weeks, and WizAnalytics.

Descriptive View

Top 20/80 sales: by product and customer. Customer’s review.

Tactical View

Operations management and follow-ups.


A 30% to 40% increase in sales efficiency


A 10% to 20% increase in average order size


A 20% to 30% decrease in selling costs


A 30% to 50% increase in direct customer contact time


A 20% to 30% decrease in non-productive vendor visits



We help your managers improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations.


We work directly with your team and your systems and provide customized on-the-job training. Our goal is to ensure that your employees understand the methods and take ownership of the project results.

Time is a rare commdity

We know that you lack the time to integrate an enhancement project into your day-to-day activities. This is why we offer consulting services as part of the project. You benefit from a proven method and temporary resources to help you implement this enhancement project without slowing down your operations.

Results, not reports!

We don’t deliver recommendation reports. Instead, we work with your managers to install the new processes and management systems. Your managers will also be trained to understand how to maintain the improvements.


Real-time dashboard—no more wasted time


A customer recommendation tool powered by artificial intelligence to help your advisors improve their sales


From 10% to 20% efficiency gains for your technicians


A possible return on investment of more than 10%

On average, our customers experience a return on investment of 10 to 1, starting the first year. We generate tangible results while minimizing capital expenditures.

Grabb integrates with all your systems

Grabb Ai doubles your active sale time

You will be 30% more effective in sales

Augmented Intelligence
Informed Decisions

Continuous Improvement
Sustainable growth

Management by objective system
Improved results

Web Solution
Plug and Play

Centralization and smart automation
Reliability and safety


Quick and easy installation
2 to 3 weeks

“For a road transport operator, gasoline price fluctuations are important. Grabb allowed us to control the impacts these changes have on our invoicing and thus strengthen our leadership position in the North American market.

Online tracking has led us to improve sales and customer service efficiency. In addition, Grabb Sales gives a lot more autonomy to my external salespeople.”

Jean-Louis Brault, Vice-President, Trans-west Inc.

“Without much upheaval on the shop floor, over a 12-month period, efficiency and gross margin increased very, very significantly… Thanks to the indicators, employee only had to look at their screens to be mobilized and optimized sale performances. Quotient/Grabb provided us with expertise with the Grabb tool to help us grow and become one of the best dealerships in Quebec.”

Serge Bourdeau, Owner, Excellence Dodge Chrysler Saint-Eustache

“Grabb has allowed us to improve our sales management exponentially.”

Jean-Luc Rousseau, President, Rousseau Communication Automobile

“It took us only 3 hours, and not the usual 3 weeks, to plan the year’s objectives.”

Luc Pouliot, General Director, Montréal, Lamé et St-Pierre Ltd.

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Team up with us to improve your products and strategy with the power of artificial intelligence.



Find the answer to your questions

You have more questions?

Is my company ready to integrate artificial intelligence?

AI is not just about complex and time-consuming projects.

We can adapt the AI project according to your needs, your resources, and the level of maturity of your company.

Do my data and those of my customers, services, or products remain confidential?

All the data is securely stored on the cloud of a certified Canadian hosting provider.

Are web-based platforms secure?

If NASA feels confident about using cloud hosting, it probably means it’s safe.

Can I integrate an artificial intelligence solution even without a lot of data?

You’d be surprised to know that most businesses (SMEs) have a huge amount of unexploited data.

Do I need specialized training to use Grabb?

No! It was designed to be used by all members of the company, regardless of skill levels (managers and executives).

What is the acquisition model?

Our model is that of a SaaS.

How long does it take to install the Grabb platform? Is it an IT project?

The installation of Grabb is not an IT project (which takes months). It’s more of a Plug and Play project, so you just need to connect it to the system.

It’s a web-based solution that can be set up in 2 or 3 weeks, without disrupting your team.

Is artificial intelligence too expensive?

Our business model was designed for small and medium businesses and Grabb is an accessible and affordable platform.

How long will I have to wait to see the benefits of Grabb?

The results are immediate!

How quickly can I get my Grabb? 

8 days

Discovery meeting

1 day

Proof of concept

5 days


1 day


1 day

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Artificial intelligence solution for sales fully integrated with ERP/CRM systems. Automate big data analysis and get an advanced analytics system for recommendations and alerts.

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