A government subsidy reduces your costs by 50% on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project to accelerate your sales!

Montreal, September 25, 2020

Take advantage of the Invest-AI subsidy program from the Quebec Government to finance the deployment of AI in your business.

The Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, as part of its Invest-AI program, offers a non-refundable 50% contribution to eligible SMEs in any industrial sector to implementation costs of solutions integrating AI. Do you wish to increase your turnover through a digital transformation of your business, integrating and applying business intelligence tools? Do you have a strong determination to improve your business performance thanks to the digital shift and AI? Are you ready to start a project in 6 to 8 weeks? If you answered yes to these three questions, please contact us for initial validation of your project.

The program reimbursements cover a wide and flexible range of work to be performed, lasting no longer than 24 months, ranging from feasibility studies, data acquisition, digitization and cleaning, proof of concept, validation tests, to the full implementation and certification of the AI-based solution.

The short- and medium-term benefits from AI in your business can lead, among other things, to more efficient inventory control, simplified transport logistics, better working schedules, improved management of costs and sales prices based on demand, a cross-recommendation system at any time. Thus, with better control of all management and sales processes, your business becomes more profitable through increased revenue and cost savings.

Don’t miss the technological shift in AI and beat the competition with Grabb’s AI software solution, eligible for the Invest-AI program.

Quotient | Grabb is a technology company specialized in business intelligence and artificial intelligence. Growing since 2008, it has been offering SMEs wishing for digital transformation an affordable artificial intelligence solution to improve sales performance and profitability. The Grabb product is recognized in predictive analytics and prescriptive marketing.

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Artificial intelligence solution for sales fully integrated with ERP/CRM systems. Automate big data analysis and get an advanced analytics system for recommendations and alerts.

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