Anticipate the evolution of your B2B clients with Grabb AI

Bringing GRABB AI to Sales

Why should I think AI when it comes to my sales?

First, let’s start with an assumption that is now common knowledge: your customers know that their data is being analyzed hence they expect you to know their needs, predict their future ones and provide relevant interactions through AI. Integrating GRABB AI to your sales process just brings you a step closer to nurturing that interaction.

What is my setup to start using GRABB AI for my sales?
Becoming AI-ready can be a strenuous and long process. You start by meeting with your governance team to figure out the problem you are tackling then you go looking for all the data that you believe will help understand the problem and hope that they are all accessible. With GRABB AI, you authorize us to access your data, we configure our AI system to work with for your business. You have absolutely nothing else to do. We got this.
What are common examples where GRABB AI can help sales representative?
Segmentation — GRABB AI assigns your customers a category (loyal, active, etc.) based on current results and client behavior. GRABB AI will also give you insight into how it arrived at that segmentation, e.g. indicators of when a client will repeat purchase or go to a competitor.

Forecasting — The predictive capabilities of AI aren’t limited to segmentation; they can also be used to predict the future value of a client. If you are a sales manager, GRABB AI can predict your quarterly sales and let you know ahead of time whether or not your team is on track to meet its quota.

Recommendations — GRABB AI can make smart recommendations on nurturing your customers to keep them engaged. For instance, it may recommend suggesting a new product to your client or a bundle for your cost-sensitive customer. It knows that for the specific industry that a B2B customer is in, after she first buys a product A, they will become interested in product B.

Who should be the main users of GRABB AI?
Everyone, who are involved with your B2B customer, in any organization can easily use GRABB AI to consult recommendations and advise and plan next steps. With GRABB AI:
• Sales can anticipate new opportunities for their clients by reading up on AI analysis of their past purchases and buying behaviour.
• Customer Service can be proactive by anticipating and addressing issues before they become unsurmountable.
• Marketing can create B2B buyer journeys and deliver an outstanding customer experience.
• IT can make GRABB AI insights easily accessible in your existing platforms or processes.
Do I need to hire a data scientist, or do we need training to use GRABB AI?

You have data scientists in-house? The GRABB AI team will walk them through our platform and features. You do not have your own data scientist on board? GRABB AI has democratized AI by making it digestible and easy for your team to use within their own system. GRABB has your best interest at heart.

Boost your sales with AI-powered advice and explanations.

Easily set your targets.
Easily see your alerts.
Easily take action.

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We also offer sales AI for businesses that want it on their own platform.

Seamless integration,
reliable and secure API.

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Grabb now connects natively to most ERP/accounting systems

Grabb now connects natively to most ERP/accounting systems

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Grabb is the easiest way to boost sales with your B2B clients. It is an advanced cloud platform that is powered by AI and implements highly effective management patterns. You may access AI insights on the Grabb platform or use our API to get advanced client AI information directly into your existing platform or process.